Delve into a world of color with me and see what it has to offer!

(Hint: beauty in a variety of combinations)

Hi there! My name is Valeria Granda and I am a visual artist based out of Miami, Florida. When I first encountered the technique of pour painting online, I was hooked. I always had an interest for abstract art and I was subconsciously looking for a way to create my own. I never expected fluid art to become a part of my life, but it’s exactly what I wanted to get working on. As soon as I learned how to create those seamless swirls of colors, I started painting right away and here I am now with a number of pieces to share with you.

I’ve loved to create art ever since I was very young. My earliest memories include coloring across coloring books of all themes, bringing notebooks and markers on car rides with my parents, and entering local coloring contests (where I did win those sweet Toys R Us gift cards cha ching). I was always so excited to go to art class in elementary school and for every year in middle school, I chose an art-related subject as my elective. In high school and university, I studied a variety of mediums from photography to ceramics to 3D design and participated in art exhibitions. It’s been a pleasure creating art throughout all of my life.

I hope my artwork inspires you and creates an immense feeling of joy for you. I’m excited to have you along on my journey of following my passion for art.